Intimate Hypnosis Training Center
Appointments are online only. Amy Marsh, NGH Certified Hypnotist

(808) 825-7226

  1. NGH Hypnotist Certification
  2. Past Life Workshop
  3. Medical Hypnosis with Seth Deborah Roth
  4. Pain Control & Emergency Hypnosis
  5. NGH Train the Trainer with Richard Harte

Additional Comments:
I have an Ed.D. Doctor of Education in Human Sexuality (2011) and a DHS (professional degree) – Doctor of Human Sexuality (2008) from the (now defunct) Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco and am an AASECT-certified Sexuality Counselor since 2012 (due for renewal in 2024). I teach a 150-hour/15-week professional course on Hypnosis for Sex Problems (online/home study).

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