Catherine Wilson, BA, M.NLP, CHI, BCC

Catherine Wilson, BA, M.NLP, CHI, BCC
Catherine Wilson
(503) 525-0595

Apositiva Institute

37 South Hamilton Street, Ste 1
Portland, OR 97239

Office: (503) 525 0595
Cell: (503) 816 5104
Contact Catherine Wilson, BA, M.NLP, CHI*, BCC*

*CHI = Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor
*BCC = Board Certified Coach

Imagine, for just a moment… your highest and best potential! Want a “Guide”? 

Cat Wilson is a certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor in practice with Richard Aanrich of Apositiva Institute. In Portland, she sees adults and children for hypnotherapy and trauma (TIR). Cat is a graduate of Marylhurst University, certified in NLP, International Coaching, an Instructional System Designer, and has taught in Oregon, Washington, and California colleges.

Call for a positive change!

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