Donna Kerley, CHt/NLP, HTC, MRET

Donna Kerley, CHt/NLP, HTC, MRET
Donna Kerley
(541) 797-6744

Evoke Healing Space
643 NW Arizona Ave
Bend OR 97703
(541) 797-6744

About Donna Kerley, Scientist, Author and Teacher, Founder of Evoke Diet, LLC.

Donna Kerley, HT(ASCP), CHt/NLP, HTC, CBS, MRET, brings her 35 years of experience in the medical field to Homeopathic Weight Management. As the founder and director of Homeopathic Weight Management (HWM), Donna’s life mission is to help people achieve their full potential. Donna believes in a holistic approach, which includes self-empowerment through Homeopathics, balanced nutrition, exercise and behavioral change.

We have been in business since 2001. Our mission at Homeopathic Weight Management (HWM) is to offer a place of compassionate and professional practice dedicated to assisting and empowering people. The HWM Diet is not the fat-free, low-calorie that we all knew in the 90’s and early 2000’s. It is about cleansing your gut and your entire body by eating healthy, all-natural, organic, fresh foods, to help you lose weight and become a healthier you!

Here is a link to our Virtual Gutband Video, which uses hypnotherapy to aide with weight loss. We have found this video to be revolutionary, and know that you will receive help and empowerment from it as well.

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