Emily Wheeler, Ch, Chrt, Crmp

Emily Wheeler, Ch, Chrt, Crmp
Emily Wheeler
(971) 978-7846

Mystic Rose Medicine
(971) 978-7846


Additional Information:
I have always been fascinated by what makes us human. While researching expanded states of consciousness to help others reach their true potential, I found my purpose.

I believe we are all limitless beyond belief, even though our conditioning tells us otherwise. I often seek the unknown and that which lies there, for, in that place, incredible things can happen. What we know is comfortable, stagnant, and predictable, but in the unknown, we can unlock new possibilities, experiences, and wisdom. I help others unlock their true potential by stepping into the unknown with wonder, dissipating limiting beliefs, and cultivating an experience that improves their wellbeing.

I believe everyone is capable of obtaining their definition of success and abundance. Should you wish to jump into the unknown with me, you will indeed create a new life with new experiences that serve you along your divine path. Our time together is spent flourishing and nurturing your growth in whatever way is right for you.

Mystic Rose Medicine is a client-centered practice; this means that each client has an individual experience that is uniquely perfect for them. Helping my clients live happier, more fulfilling lives is what my practice is all about.

I offer 10% off all sessions for persons 55+, military members, and retired veterans, as well as a sliding scale for those who may not have the means to afford hypnosis, reiki, and coaching otherwise. I believe everyone should have access to holistic care no matter their financial circumstances, race, sexual preference, or gender identity.


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