Laney Coulter, BCH, CPHI, NLP

Laney Coulter, BCH, CPHI, NLP
Laney Coulter
(503) 289-3614

Loving Kindness Hypnosis

811 NW 20th Avenue Suite 102
Portland, OR 97209
Loving Kindness Hypnosis

I have always enjoyed, and have had and still do, a passion for working with people, to help move them from where they are to a healthier, happier place. Not only do I feel great compassion and empathy I also believe in teaching from my heart to yours. I have named my practice Loving Kindness Hypnosis because I want all my clients to learn to be gentle and loving and kind toward them-selves and others.

I believe in all my clients. I know they are loveable, forgivable, and good enough, people who just need a little help removing the block that is keeping them from seeing themselves as they truly are. Also, I believe in laughter so everyday I laugh with my clients. Humor is healing. I love what I do and hope to be doing this for a long time. Your Success is my success.

I have been in practice for 12 years and have had many successes in the areas of weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction, anger management, healthy sleep, self-esteem, test taking, public speaking, fears and phobia, and many more areas.  I love working with children and teens as well.  I am offering you compassionate, effective services in a comfortable, safe environment that will transform your life.

My credentials:

  • B.S. in Education/Psychology
  • M.Ed. in Special Education
  • Consulting Hypnotist 2005
  • Master Hypnotist 2010
  • Board Certified Hypnotist 2013
  • Certified Professional Hypnotist Instructor 2013
  • Certified Hypno-Fertility Hypnotist
  • Certified Hypno-Band Hypnotist
  • Co-author of Real Hypnosis Business
  • Recipient of Hypnotists’ Professional Leadership Award
  • Speaker

Become a Professional Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist

Loving Kindness Hypnosis Center for Training and Services is the Pacific Northwest’s Premiere Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Education and Training Center in Portland Oregon.

The National Guild of Hypnotists Approved –

Banyan Hypnosis Certification Super Course with 5-PATH® and 7 Path Self-Hypnosis®

Is designed to produce confident and competent hypnosis professionals. This is a high quality professional accelerated hypnosis certification producing some of the best and most qualified hypnosis professionals in the field.
This course includes the most advanced and modern hypnosis techniques in the profession today, including Age Regression, Forgiveness Therapy, Parts Mediation Therapy, Instant and Rapid Inductions, Covert Depth Testing, Hypnotic Convincers and everything you need to get started as a Hypnosis Professional.
Accelerated 100 Hours training in just 10 days!
For more information and to see the curriculum go to
Client Recommendation:
Ever since I came to LKH so many things inside me have changed.  It is the first time in my life that I truly see myself, pay attention to my feelings and trust that I can make it.  Even if there is still a way to go for me, you opened the door and showed me the way and the inner strength inside me that now makes me believe that I can do it.  Hypnosis with you changed the way I see myself.  There are no words to describe how thankful I am.  Thank you so much. -BH

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