Nancy Wheeler, MPH, CHt, Ct, H.A

Nancy Wheeler, MPH, CHt, Ct, H.A
Nancy Wheeler
(503) 684-4112

A Balanced Life

111 SE Douglas St Newport, OR 97365

(503) 684-4112

Research for medical hypnosis clients, including diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, tinnitus, epiglottal closure, etc.

Reading: The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery, Supercharged Self-Healing, Forest Bathing, etc.

Additional Information:

As Past President of OHA, I am finally getting around to renewing my membership! Now relocated to Seal Rock, OR, I am building my hypnotherapy practice in Newport as a member of an integrated medicine group, Healing Hearts. I am also in the process of building trails in my old-growth forest home for eventual forest bathing workshops and guided meditations.


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