Rebecca Hufford 503-560-4774
Rebecca Hufford

Art of Change Hypnosis and Coaching

4004 SW Kelly Ave, Suite 108
Portland, OR 97239

Phone: 503-560-4774

Through the use of Hypnosis, NLP, and Coaching, I can help you as you move through a transitional period in your life, whether it be a serious illness, loss, beginning a new career, advancing your career, or other life changing events. I can also help you in your journey to self-empowerment that will allow to embrace the changes in your life.

I do this by assisting you in finding your own resources, freeing yourself from non-resourceful patterns and habits while allowing you to realize the answers and abilities that are within you.

I can also assist in weight release, habit control, increasing self esteem, releasing fears and other issues. You can see all of the areas I am able to assist you by viewing my Coaching Services and Hypnotherapy Services pages on this website.

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