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Last updated: May 11, 2013

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First a reminder:

1) Please remember that your emails are read by a community of people, not just one person.

2) Please remember that you are addressing a real person, a human being with feelings and not a computer.

3) Please remember that if you make a comment, other people are perfectly entitled to disagree with it without their response being construed as a personal attack.

4) Please remember that by participating in this forum you subscribe to rules of conduct and that the moderators are entitled to edit or delete posts they consider inappropriate or to permanently ban offending members of the group.

The Questions and Answers

  1. Do I have to have a Yahoo! account to join this email list?
  2. How do I subscribe to, unsubscribe from, or change my email address?
    • To subscribe, use the form above or send an empty message to You will then receive an automatic confirmation message that you must reply to in order to become subscribed.
    • To unsubscribe, use the same email address with which you subscribed to send an empty message to You must send your email from the very same email address you used to subscribe to the group.
    • To change your email address:
      1. First, following the steps above, unsubscribe using your old email address.
      2. Then subscribe using your new email address. — OR —
      3. Log in to your Yahoo! account and do the same thing on the Web at
  3. What topics are discussed on this group?
    In the spirit of Connection, Education, Support, Exchange, the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association offers its Members and those interested in the practice of Hypnotherapy in the Northwest United States this email group. Ask questions, get answers, share stories, discuss topics of interest to you and others, and learn more about this exciting field.
    NOTE: Please adhere to conventional rules of netiquette.
  4. What should NOT be posted to this group?
    • Copyrighted materials (without the owner’s permission)
    • Advocacy of illegal activities
    • Flames of other list members
    • “I can’t subscribe to the [such-and-such] mailing list! Can somebody help me?” messages
    • Messages consisting of Jokes that aren’t relevant to our topics.
    • Messages that use HTML merely for aesthetic effect. (However, for longer works in which HTML is used to delineate the organizational structure of a complex concept, it is acceptable.)
    • Spam – defined as unsolicited offers for products and/or services.

    If you want to discuss any of the above matters, please do it by private e-mail!

  5. Who administers this group?Administration of this email group is under direction of the Board of Directors of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association.
  6. How do I access the message archive?
    • The list archive can be found at
    • You need to be registered with egroups first in order to be able to access the archive. See the Yahoogroups help page for instructions on how to register.
    • If a message in the archive appears to have no text in it that may be because of a known bug in the egroups software that prevents some messages from displaying properly in some browsers. In that case, clicking on “source” in the upper right-hand corner will usually let you see the message text.
  7. How do I find messages on a particular topic?
    To do a message search, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the message archive.
    2. In the “search” field, type the words that you want to search on. If you want to search on a complete phrase, enclose the phrase with quotation marks.
    3. Click the “Search in e-group” button.

    Note: The search engine is case sensitive, so try your search terms with and without leading caps.

  8. Is there a group file archive?At present there is no files archive maintained by the group other than that found at Yahoo Groups (see item #5 above).