Presentation Materials

Occasionally presenters at OHA events offer digital content to accompany their presentations.

Dr. David Fleming

March 2023

David Flemming, MD.,
FFARCS – Medicine, Hypnosis, Psychology for CRPS and Some Other Physical Illnesses
Lecture Slides

Glen Bledsoe, CHt

March 2022

Glen Bledsoe
Creating Dynamic Hypnotic
Audio Recordings
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Larry Dillenbeck

September 2021

Larry Dillenbeck

March 2021

Larry Dillenbeck
 Shamanistic Practices in Hypnotherapy
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Presentation Materials

Sept. 2020

Cat Wilson
ONLINE Sessions
for Hypnosis/NLP
Tips on
How to Conduct an Online Session

Includes checklist and tips on ways to mess up an Online Session
How to Present a Session Online (PDF)
Douglas Meacham, CHt, TNLP

Sept. 2019

Doug Meacham
Hypno-Pop! Incredibly Strange Hypnosis in Popular Culture
Movie List
Scott E. Duvall, CHt. NLP

Sept. 2017

Scott Duvall
Basic outline for creating a well-formed and scientifically sound session pre-talk before inducing hypnosis.
The Well-Formed Pre-Talk
Larry Dillenbeck

Sept. 2017

Larry Dillenbeck
Based on Gregory Bateson’s Logical Levels of Learning, Robert Dilts developed this NLP process to enhance leadership performance (R. Dilts, “Slight of Mouth”).
Neurological Level Alignment Handout
Presentation Materials

Sept. 2015

Presentation Materials


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