What is Hypnosis?
Perhaps you’ve heard of hypnosis being used for a number of problems such as pain management, smoking cessation, and weight management. Maybe you have thought of trying hypnosis but were afraid you might lose your will or be controlled by the hypnotist like you’ve seen in stage hypnosis. Although while in the hypnotic state you tend to be much more responsive to suggestion, you are not without will or under anyone else’s control during that time – this was put to the test on the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters TV show (click here to view).The hypnotic state is a naturally occurring phenomenon in many animal species. Although it is a naturally occurring phenomenon it must be induced either naturally as when you are about to enter sleep or by a trained hypnotist as during a hypnosis session.
What is Hypnotherapy?
Basically, hypnotherapy is the art and science of inducing the hypnotic state for a therapeutic purpose – as in stopping a smoking addiction or busting an irrational fear.The hypnotherapy field includes many disciplines such as shamanism, medicine, psychotherapy/psychology, philosophy, education, neuro-linguistics, biofeedback, and esoteric work. Each practitioner offers therapeutic options according to his/her training. The common thread is hypnotherapy – intentionally inducing a hypnotic state for therapeutic purposes.
What can I use hypnotherapy for?
Hypnotherapy has been used successfully for the following purposes:

Stop Smoking
Personal Organization
Interpersonal Skills
Become Persuasive
Situational Stress
Facilitate Wellness
Sleep Improvement
Medical Issues
Occupational Issues
Academic Performance
Job Satisfaction
Weight Management
Irrational Fears
Sports Performance
How can I join OHA?
If you think you might qualify for membership in the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association, click here for membership requirements and enrollment instructions.
Does the OHA have a code of ethics?
Yes. Members of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association abide by a standard of service that assures clients they will be treated safely and fairly. Click here to learn more.
Can I renew my OHA membership online?
Yes! Simply fill out the required fields on the online renewal form – click here for the online renewal form, pay your renewal fee using Paypal or any major credit or debit card or online check service. Your renewal will be reviewed and handled promptly. You will be contacted using one of the contact methods elicited on the renewal form if there is a question about your renewal. You should receive a replacement membership certificate by mail in a few days.