Apply/Renew Online

To apply for membership or renew your OHA Membership certificate:

  1. All Members – complete the form below and click the SUBMIT button.
    • Honorary Fellows – stop/exit after this step.
  2. Click SUBMIT to continue to payment page.
  3. Select your Membership Level and click “Pay Now”.
  4. Complete your credit card, debit card, echeck, or PayPal transaction with PayPal’s secure gateway.
  5. Receive a confirmation email from PayPal.
  6. By clicking the SUBMIT button below, you certify that you have fulfilled the requirements for membership and/or renewal at your level of membership and have all appropriate documentation on file and will submit them to the Board of Directors upon request. You further state that you are in compliance with the ethics of the Association and all applicable State and local laws and regulations pertaining to your business. Membership requirements and Code of Ethics are listed elsewhere on this web site.

    New member and annual renewal requirements are listed here.

    Membership Application/Renewal Form

    * indicates required field

    New member application - List your qualifications for membership.
    Member renewal - List 15 hours of qualifying continuing education in the past calendar year.
    Use format: hrs. – subject (Examples: 15 hrs. - 3 OHA meetings; NGH Membership #12345).
    Read new member and annual renewal requirements here.