Callie Roush, NATH

Callie Roush, NATH 503-749-3666
Callie Roush, NATH

CallieCo Coaching, LLC

Office Phone: 503-749-3666



Coaching sessions via web conference and phone.

I am the owner and CEO of CallieCo Coaching LLC, a Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching practice. I am certified in hypnotherapy, holistic nutrition and project management.

I am blessed to live my dreams on a small hobby farm in Oregon affectionately called The Sanctuary. My own struggles along the path of mental, emotional and spiritual growth led me here…serving others who wish to overcome challenges and create magnificent lives.

Do you want to change a habit, manifest a dream into reality or simply improve confidence and take steps toward a happier, healthier, more meaningful life?

Reach out and schedule your no cost consultation today!‚Äč

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