Rosemarie Eisenberg, B.A., Psych, CHt

Rosemarie Eisenberg, B.A., Psych, CHt
Rosemarie Eisenberg
(541) 484-1969

Rosemarie Eisenberg, Hypnosis and Guided Imagery

Eighth and Olive Bldg

115 West 8th Ave., suite 208
Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 484-1969

In private practice in Eugene since 1985. Rosemarie takes a Personal yet Professional approach to:


Certified in both Hypnotherapy (OHA & NGH) and Interactional Guided Imagery (AGI), all sessions are confidential and one-on-one.

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  1. I was hypnotized by Rosemarie , hoping that she could help me with a life long problem with stress and difficulty sleeping. That night I actually slept the whole night through. I can not tell you how wonderful that feels, it’s worth a million dollars. And I’ve had another couple of pluses. Not only is my house cleaner, due to renewed energy (I’m just not laying or sitting around all the time) but …I have lost 4 lbs. Seeing Rosemarie was one of the best things I have done for myself.

  2. When I first started seeing Rosemarie I didn’t know what to expect. A hypnotherapist to lose weight? What a concept! My respect for her began within a few minutes of talking with her. She really knows how to get down to the root of the matter and gets you to focus on new paths to take. I was totally surprised at how good I felt after I had completed a session of hypnotherapy. The weight lose is working with her help. Rosemarie’s thing is to keep you on a path of improved lifestyle. Whether you need to lose weight, stop smoking or just plain relax, Rosemarie will get you there. I had a doctor recommend her to help with my weight loss because of her reputation and he hit the nail on the head. Even though I have been successful with her weight loss program, I will continue to see her until the day she retires because of what she does for my mental health. I think she is way beyond the hypnotherapy concept and I consider it an art form and she is master of her craft. I highly recommend Rosemarie.

  3. I have known Rosemarie both personally and professionally since moving to Eugene in 1994, and can recommend her without reservation for many reasons. She has helped many of my patients quit smoking, enhance their relaxation through Guided Imagery, and cope with medical and personal challenges. She is experienced, dedicated, and very caring and friendly. My wife and I have both benefitted from seeing her ourselves and can attest to her skills. Take the opportunity to enhance your well being and make an appointment with her today.

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